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Russian-Ukrainian War: Regional & Global Consequences

Event Nr.:

Place: Online

Typology: Webinar

Duration: 1h30

Host country: MOROCCO

Timing: 3 pm (GMT)


On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a military action in Ukraine. This operation and subsequent events is having a global impact, with far-reaching political and economic implications. In the short term, the conflict will affect the global economy through three main channels: financial markets, commodity prices and supply chain disruptions. But in the long run, implications are complex to gauge and the West is heading to a decoupling from Russia on several fronts.  This webinar entitled “the Global Economic implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” aims to better understand the economic and political consequences of the war on the world and the Southern countries and their population.

The event was livestreamed on Policy Center for the New South’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter page.

Click here to watch it on YouTube, and also check the full webinar transcription.



Abdelaaziz Ait Ali (PCNS)

Carlos Gaspar (IPRI-NOVA)

Eduard Soler (CIDOB)

Frank Mattheis (ULB)

Leonardo Neves (FGV IIU)

Lorena Ruano (CIDE)


Guiding questions:

  1. What are the major impacts (current and potential) to be expected in each of the discussant’s country? The spiraling of energy prices (mainly oil and gas) will eventually benefit or hurt your economy (taking into account the balance of gains and losses)
  2. Do discussants think this crisis will accentuate the world division between the two superpowers – with Russia siding with China – and so, how the discussants’ country would ideally position itself? Would (again ideally), keeping equal distance from and engagement with both China and the US be the best scenario for the country in question?
  3. How do discussants perceive the likely evolutions in the European Union, and how could they impact the country’s relations with the EU?
  4. What is the possibility of the discussants’ countries imposing sanctions against Russia like those recently announced by the core US-EU. Or: will the discussant’s country in question follow an independent line as India and Pakistan have clearly demonstrated?
  5. Do the discussant think the crisis opens or will open opportunities – in a broad way and not of course considering the tragic loss of lives – to Latin America in general, or rather worsen its present situation? Elaborate.

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