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Expected Date
26, 27 and 28

JM Atlantic Network 2.0 – Dialogues ✦ Towards a new Atlantic Map: Prospects and Challenges for Cooperation

Event Nr.: 6

Place: Policy Center For The New South - Rabat Campus of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

Typology: Seminar

Duration: 3 days

Host country: MOROCCO

Timing: all day


The Policy Center for the New South organizes the sixth edition of Jean Monnet Altantic Network 2.0 – Dialogues cycle of seminars focusing on how energy, commercial dynamics and human security challenges are affecting the Atlantic Basin as a whole; harnessing synergies across the four Atlantic continents; and providing policymakers with the basis for new governance approaches.

The Atlantic relations have been shaped by a complex mix of factors, including shared history, cultural expressions, economic ties, and geopolitical interests. From a geopolitical and economic perspective, Atlantic relations have been both critical and challenging at times and have undergone significant shifts in recent years, namely with the rise of China and Russia as global powers challenging the United States’ dominance. The future of this region largely depends on how North and South navigate these challenges and work together to address them and maintain global stability and prosperity.

In this framework, Jean Monnet Atlantic Network 2.0  seeks to foster debate and cooperation between scholars and researchers on topics of fundamental importance for actors in the Atlantic basin as a central arena of globalization and a microcosm of key global trends. As such, the sixth edition explored the following topics:


April 26th

• Roundtable: Rethinking the social contract through systemic pressures in Atlantic Africa and Latin America

• Podcast recording: Atlantic Dialogues


April 27h

• Setting the scene – The Wider Atlantic: Patterns and Perspectives
• Panel 1 – The Energy Map of the Atlantic: Trends and Future Scenarios
• Panel 2 – An Eclectic Outlook to Reshape the Economic Cooperation Models in the Wider Atlantic
• Panel 3 – Addressing inequality developments across the Atlantic


April 28th

• Panel 4 – Towards a pan-Atlantic security approach: Perceptions, realities, and cooperation
• High-level panel: Major Powers Rivalry in the Wider Atlantic



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