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El pacto mundial para la migración en América Latina: Al filo de lo imposible tras la pandemia

In this article, Elena Sánchez-Montijano, research professor at the International Studies Division from CIDE, discusses “about the effects of the pandemic on migration in the Latin American region and how these hinder national and regional alignment with the Global Compact for Migration”. For this end, she develops a systematic documentary review (academic and gray literature) on the effects of COVID-19 in the region and on the actions put in place to deal with them. The document indicates that at least the effect occurs on three dimensions: on migratory flows, governance and the migrants themselves; and that the changes produced hinder the achievement of international agreement in the region. On this idea, the text ends by postulating a global, coordinated and long-term response to the new complexity of the migratory system in Latin America.


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