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Security and Inequality in the Atlantic Basin

Though conceptually broad, a handful of key issues will be chosen from the various possibilities. In the scholarly literature, and in several policy views, there is a reasonable consensus that important connections exist between inequality levels and patterns and the nowadays-evolving security challenges. How problems related to the security of the individual, i.e. ”human” security, and the security of the many arteries linking the EU to its Atlantic partners, i.e. ”flow” security, are interacting across the region and through its inherent inequality pattern is a major question that must be better understood. Debate and research, putting together different viewpoints and experiences, will help frame security policies within a modern context of the EU as an Atlantic actor. From exchange practices regarding the effectiveness of the EU and other regional governance mechanisms on a wide spectrum of issues –from democratic values to drug trafficking- to principles and codes of conduct that might inform new types of pan-Atlantic attitudes to deal with such challenges, are roads to be explored in this theme.



  Security in the Atlantic

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