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The China-US Trade War: When Will it End?

“The answer to the title question is, like in the old popular song, very clear, the China-US Trade War is here to stay.
It is one of the aspects of the evolution of the complex China-US relationship, which is neither harmonious – a concept very dear to the Chinese – any more, nor one of simple, straightforward competition, as wished by President Biden, in his opening words of the important virtual summit with President Xi, on 15 November 2021.
Actually, the relationship nowadays follows Mr. Biden’s characterisation with a plus, a plus which seems unavoidable if one takes into account the size and the number of interests of both “straightforward competitors”, simply the two present day superpowers.
This Note tries to draw some lines that could frame the trade war, and the relationship, into a broader perspective, and also explores points of convergence or divergence, together with likely surprises.”

  China-US Trade War

         By Renato G. Flôres Jr. 

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